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Trane - Mark IV Environmental
Manitowoc Sales & Service

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*Extends the life of the equipment *Saves on maintenance costs
*Reduces heating & cooling cost *Helps conserve energy
*Reduces chance of untimely breakdowns

Precision Service Tune-up

*Check thermostat operation *Check pilot safety
*Check compressor amp draw *Check blower alignment
*Check blower blades *Check reversing valve
*Check fan relay *Lubricate blower bearings
*Check crankcase heater *Check for unusual noises
*Check motor amp draw *Check defrost control
*Check limit control *Check door switch
*Check condenser coil *Check blower rotation
*Check air flow *Check freon pressure
*Check heat exchanger *Check filters
*Check pressure switch *Check flue venting
*Check burners *Check condenser fan  

All necessary repairs including parts and labor will be at an additional charge with your approval.

Call today to set up an appointment! 317-889-3744 0r toll free 877-627-5422

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Secure Online Shopping with Mark IV