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Are You Having A Negative Reaction To These Images?

Many people do have allergic reactions to pollen, bacteria and dust mites.  Allergies including hayfever and asthma affect 41 million Americans or about one out of six people.  A Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner will rid your air of up to 95% of these allergy irritating particles.

Honeywell has been the leader in selling quality, high-efficiency residential air cleaners for over 30 years.  During that time we have instlled over two million electronic air cleaners in homes like yours.  When you think of indoor air quality, think of Honeywell.  For a professional installation call MarkIV Environmental Systems at 800-430-6432.

Honeywell F50

Honeywell’s F150 Electronic Air Cleaner Features:

  • Optional W8600 Performance Status Indicator shows when air cleaner cells are past due for cleaning.
  • Limited 2 year Warranty on parts and workmanship
  • “Super Cells” fit easily in a dishwasher or large wash container to wash away trapped particles.
  • Wash reminder schedule when cells should be washed
  • Pre-filter screen catches large particles before they can enter the electronic cells.
  • Automatic interlock safety switch disconnects power when door is opened.
  • Indicator light whows the power supply is working properly.
  • Built in air flow sensor automatically turns off unit  when the system fan turns on.
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Secure Online Shopping with Mark IV